about us

We are Cami and Bechi, friends, moms and certified sleep consultants

Camila Vélez

Cami is a balanced, analytical, and spiritual woman. A lover of nature and animals, she connects with the child within herself to enjoy the little things in life.

Camila enjoys understanding human behavior, she likes to investigate and find what is not obvious, and she is a great observer. Cami is methodical and structured but also sensitive and creative.

Her eyes sparkle as she discovers each new stage of development with her son Agustín and she strives to be a mindful mother in every moment she shares with him. Her husband is her great support and companion on this wonderful journey that is life.

She decided to leave the corporate world which taught her so much and gave her great experiences in marketing. Her previous occupations taught Camila how to dedicate herself to helping others. Now she understands the importance of sleep in a healthy lifestyle and guides families in the process of teaching their children healthy sleep habits.

Bechira Moussa

Bechi is a woman with a big heart; she is happy, practical, and dreamy. She demands a lot of herself and that has always helped her to fulfill each of her dreams. She gives her heart to everything she does, always wondering and seeking new ways of achieving her goals.

Bechi’s family is her backbone, her motivation, her inspiration. Her husband is her best friend and life partner who supports her in every crazy idea, always allowing her to be carried away by her child-like soul. Miguel, her son, awakened her passion for this project that is now a reality, helping families to be happier through healthy sleep habits.

She thanks her children every day for their existence, for lighting every corner of their home with energy.
Her simplicity, tenderness, and responsibility are always present.