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We guide moms and dads in teaching their children healthy sleep habits that provide the quality of sleep necessary for physical and emotional development


0 to 3 months


4 to 18 months

toddlers and kids

between 19 months and 6 years old


about us

We are Cami and Bechi, friends, moms and certified sleep consultants

In La Nana Coach we are moms who, like you, love our children, and needed to regain our sleep in order to respond to the challenges of being moms, wives and professionals at the same time.

We became certified as Infant Sleep Consultants not only to help our families, but to help other families regain healthy sleep habits through a gentle and realistic approach that DOES WORK.

If you love your baby like no one else in the world and you know how important sleep is to their development, but you are not getting enough sleep and you are simply overwhelmed by your baby’s current sleep habits, you are in the right place.

Are you ready to sleep through the night?



A place for you to learn a little more about healthy sleep habits